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4 Acoustic DS214A Digital Speaker Processor

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The 4-Acoustic DS-214A and DS-216A processors are based on 24 bit DSP technology and are intended for loudspeaker management control. The DS-214A disposes of four freely programmable output channels, the DS-216A of six. Both processors comprise a freely programmable, active crossover network with 28 different, selectable filter types. The separation frequency can be adjusted in steps of five hertz. An adjustable compressor limiter is available for each output channel. A fivefold, parametric equaliser for each output channel is intended for professional sound tuning. You can adjust the frequency and the rate of change, besides regulating the gain with +/- 12 dB. A delay with seven milliseconds per output channel is intended for the adjustment. The programming of the processor can be carried out via the operating buttons or by means the comfortable PC software which is included in the delivery. The following possibilities of choice are available for you with the DS-214A as the matrix for programming: 2 x 2 channels, 3 channels plus 1 aux, 4 channels and 2 channels plus 2 x mono sub. The following possibilities of choice are available for the DS-216A: 2 x 2 channels plus 2 mono subs, 2 x 3 channels, 4 channels plus 2 aux, 5 channels plus 1 aux, 6 channels. The digital construction guarantees few distortions and a great scope of dynamics. The frequency response is 20Hz to 20KHz. All inputs and outputs dispose of a gain control for volume adjustment. In order to prevent accidental deleting, the devices can be password-protected. The symmetrical inputs and outputs are provided as XLR jacks. All outputs include a mute switch for muting the respective output. 7-fold recording level displays with a limiter and clipping display are available for you for the optical control of the signal level converter. The large, illuminated LCD display also enables a fast and comfortable manual programming without a PC.

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